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 Wolfkin's tips for Rebellion!

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PostSubject: Wolfkin's tips for Rebellion!   Thu Jun 24, 2010 6:12 pm

Rebellion is a neccassary part of global stabilization. Without it, some of our greatest nations wouldn't exist. So if your going to overthrow an organized government, then please do it with the utmost concern for the wellfare of the people you are overthrowing it for. A long continuation of violent skirmishes will only serve to lessen the morale of your supporters and lose most legitimate third-party influences. Starting a widespread genocide will not help you in an appeal to the United Nations, so I would suggest that shouldn't be on your list of priorities. Instead, look at to the American Revolution for inspiration in when taking such a large and committed step as rebellion. By efficiently using their resources and properly timing well thought out manuvers, they were able to enact a British retreat and gain independence. They used the passion of hate and sorrow to gain the support of the people, which is always one of the first steps in overthrowing a larger force...elephant
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Wolfkin's tips for Rebellion!
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